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We support people and organisations through transition.

Our focus is on change management, change communication and coaching across multiple levels for corporate change initiatives and leadership development.


I’m a change navigator.

I help people and organisations walk through the process of change. I support leaders and individuals to develop personal mastery, understand the systems they work in and become effective in those systems.

When I’m not consulting or coaching, you can find me with the family, being a Mum, reading, studying, gardening, standing on my head (practicing some yoga), indulging the cat and dog, philosophising or coming up with another idea.



I coach executives, managers and individuals through transition in a professional or a personal capacity; including the areas of leadership development (leaders in transition and first time leaders), career change, finding personal purpose and organisational alignment.

I have worked in many different industries, including IT (service management), financial, creative, publishing, FMCG / retail and consulting. Experience in a variety of roles provides me with a unique perspective on the specific complexities of corporate, small and niche businesses.

At the same time my passion for people and travel has provided exposure to a number of different cultures and some of the professional and personal challenges that this brings. I have experienced a lot of change in my life and discovered that I not only enjoy change, but that my relative ease with the process enables me to effectively support others experiencing transition, particularly in the context of leadership development.

My approach

Using my experience and the solid theoretical grounding that I gain through continued professional development and studies (Masters Degree in coaching), I partner with my clients on an authentic journey of self discovery.

Focussing on the areas of wisdom, resilience, courage and connection, I use challenging questioning techniques in an empathetic environment – allowing clients to discover and build on their own unique and innate abilities and strengths. By leveraging the power of paradox, together we unfold the gift that each new challenge brings. This facilitates a new level of self-insight that my clients use to improve the quality of their leadership, decisions and relationships – enabling them to take more measured and effective action.

All coaching takes place within the context of the client’s specific objectives and against their goals defined at the beginning of the process.


As a qualified coach (MPhil Management Coaching) I offer a professional coaching service and am committed to upholding a high standard of practice and ethics. I am bound by the COMENSA code of ethics and base my coaching practice on the principles of integrity, competence (ongoing development), setting and honouring appropriate boundaries (including confidentiality) within the specific context of the client’s situation.

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